Trailer Cable




Wire Size Color of Conductors
2 Conductors
14 Ga.(2) Green/Yellow EP-04903
14 Ga.(2) Green/Yellow EP-04903
(A) 4 Conductors
16 Ga.(4) Black/Red/Brown/White EP-04901
16 Ga.(4) Yellow/Red/Green/Brown EP-04920
14 Ga.(4) Black/Red/Brown/White TC-4N
14 Ga.(4) Yellow/Red/Green/Brown EP-99104
14 Ga.(4) White/Brown/Yellow/Green EP-98224
12 Ga.(4) Black/Red/Brown/White EP-04911

The trailer cable wires are color-coded with PVC Insulation and have a heavy duty black jacket to keep them protected from the weather, chemicals and abrasion. They have a temperature rating of -40°F to 176°F. Order in 100-ft., 500-ft. spool sizes.

Wire Size Color of Conductors
(B) 6 Conductors
16 Ga.(6) Red/Green/Brown/White/Black/Yellow EP-04903
16 Ga.(6) Green/Blue/Yellow/Black/Red/Brown EP-04922
14 Ga.(6) Red/Green/Brown/White/Black/Yellow TC-6N
14 Ga.(6) Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Brown/Black EP-04926
12 Ga.(6) Red/Green/Brown/White/Black/Yellow EP-14875
(C) 7 Conductors
14 Ga.(7) Red/Green/Brown/White/Black/Yellow/Blue TC-7P
14 Ga.(6), 12 Ga.(1) White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green/Brown/Blue EP-98044
12 Ga.(6), 10 Ga.(1) White/Black/Yellow/Red/Green/Brown/Blue TC-7N