Customer Testimonials

"I don't pull any punches when it comes to complaints and so I hold myself to the same standard when a compliment is due, so I wanted to send a note and extend a thank you.  I purchased from your company because of the organized and extremely well laid out website.  I could have purchased the items from another supplier but their website sucked and it was a worthwhile exchange and saved me a lot of stress and agony.  All of the products had accurate descriptions.  Service is part of what you sell the customer along with your products, and it seems as though your company understands this.  Of course I will wait until I receive my order to submit a full review, but I just thought that the compliment was due.  Often times we hear about the negatives but not the positives, so kudos and thank you for the enjoyable web commerce experience.  :-)"


"Thank you very much, it's a pleasure doing business with Electrical Terminal Service."

Scott B.

"It is my first experience with your company. Your two staff members which I talked to this morning, are very pleasant and having kind conversation. I got excellent service from you and your colleagues. Thanks."

Matt L.

"Hey, you guys - you kick ass. These copper lugs I bought are great; no comparison to the cheap ones that come with the amplifier kits I have bought. I tossed those the moment I opened the pack. In Canada these are expensive... it was great to see I could by a bunch for a decent price from a supplier willing to ship across the border. Doing a big-three 1/0 AWG upgrade and multi-amplifier install in my car. These are going to make it so easy and the quality....I just can't get over the quality. I am cheap by nature, purchasing these little things is generally something I worry about it being worth it but believe me when I say good job, these rock, quality is there in spades and you're 1/6 the price. Thanks guys."
Brayden M

"Awesome, simple web site, service, shipping. Thanks you guys. Great company from a first time user."

Steve M.

"I called and placed an order on Monday and it arrived today (Tuesday) - great customer service, thanks!"

Wade L.

"Thank you so much for the outstanding service. I just received the terminals via UPS and they will work perfectly for what I need. I look forward to the opportunity to purchase from you again as the need arises.

Reed C.

"I want to thank you for my order for ring terminals. I was in great need for my order and you guys came through with lightning speed. Awesome!!! Thank you again."


"Just a quick note to say thanks for the fast turnaround on my order. You guys have great customer communications; I was able to track the shipment and it arrived fast and was accurate. I'll be back as needed. Thanks again."

William W.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the Skittles and the service."

Marvin M.

"Thank you for the info. Your timing was unbelievable - one of our vehicles was broken into over the weekend and we are just in the process of replacing the stolen items. Have a great day!"

Bob P.