Standard Heat Shrink Tubing (2 to 1)

Polyolefin is the most popular style of shrink tubing. With a 2 to 1 shrink ratio, it heats evenly, doesn't bubble or split, and is self-extinguishing. It also offers greater flexibility. Maximum temperature of 275°F.

Meets UL 224, CSA 198.1 and MIL-I-23053/5.

Color 4-ft. Lengths 100-ft. Spools
3/64" ID Before Shrink, 1/64" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3/64 X221-3/64-SPL
Clear X221-3/64-C X221-3/64-C-SPL
Green X221-3/64-GRN X221-3/64-GN-SP
Red X221-3/64-R X221-3/64-R-SPL
White X221-3/64-W X221-3/64-W-SP
Yellow X221-3/64-Y X221-3/64-Y-SPL
1/16" ID Before Shrink, 1/32" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1/16 X221-1/16-SPL
Blue X221-1/16-BLUE X221-1/16-BL-SP
Clear X221-1/16-C X221-1/16-C-SPL
Green X221-1/16-GRN X221-1/16-GN-SP
Red X221-1/16-R X221-1/16-R-SPL
White X221-1/16-W X221-1/16-W-SPL
Yellow X221-1/16-Y X221-1/16-Y-SPL
3/32" ID Before Shrink, 3/64" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3/32 X221-3/32-SPL
Blue X221-3/32-BLUE X221-3/32BLU-SP
Clear X221-3/32-C X221-3/32-C-SPL
Red X221-3/32-R X221-3/32-R-SPL
White X221-3/32-W X221-3/32-W-SPL
Yellow X221-3/32-Y X221-3/32-Y-SPL
1/8" ID Before Shrink, 1/16" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1/8 X221-1/8-SPL
Blue X221-1/8-BLUE X221-1/8BLUE-SP
Clear X221-1/8-C X221-1/8-C-SPL
Green X221-1/8-GRN X221-1/8-GRN-SP
Orange X221-1/8-OR X221-1/8-OR-SPL
Red X221-1/8-R X221-1/8-R-SPL
White X221-1/8-W X221-1/8-W-SPL
Yellow X221-1/8-Y X221-1/8-Y-SP
3/16" ID Before Shrink, 3/32" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3/16 X221-3/16-SPL
Blue X221-3/16-BLUE X221-3/16BLUE-S
Clear X221-3/16-C X221-3/16-C-SPL
Green X221-3/16-GRN X221-3/16-GN-SP
Orange X221-3/16-OR X221-3/16-OR-SP
Color 4-ft. Lengths 100-ft. Spools
3/16" ID Before Shrink, 3/32" After Shrink
Red X221-3/16-R X221-3/16-R-SPL
White X221-3/16-W X221-3/16-W-SPL
Yellow X221-3/16-Y X221-3/16-Y-SPL
1/4" ID Before Shrink, 1/8" After Shrink
Black X221-1/4 X221-1/4-SPL
Blue X221-1/4-BLUE X221-1/4BLUE-SP
Clear X221-1/4-C X221-1/4-C-SPL
Green X221-1/4-GRN X221-1/4-GRN-SP
Gray X221-1/4-GY X221-1/4-GY-SPL
Red X221-1/4-R X221-1/4-R-SPL
White X221-1/4-W X221-1/4-W-SPL
Yellow X221-1/4-Y X221-1/4-Y-SPL
5/16" ID Before Shrink, 5/32" ID After Shrink
Black X221-5/16 X221-5/16-SPL
3/8" ID Before Shrink, 3/16" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3/8 X221-3/8-SPL
Blue X221-3/8-BLUE X221-3/8BLUE-SP
Clear X221-3/8-C X221-3/8-C-SPL
Green X221-3/8-GRN X221-3/8-GRN-SP
Red X221-3/8-R X221-3/8-R-SPL
White X221-3/8-W X221-3/8-W-SPL
Yellow X221-3/8-Y X221-3/8-Y-SPL
1/2" ID Before Shrink, 1/4" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1/2 X221-1/2-SPL
Blue X221-1/2-BLUE X221-1/2BLUE-SP
Clear X221-1/2-C X221-1/2-C-SPL
Green X221-1/2-GRN X221-1/2-GRN-SP
Red X221-1/2-R X221-1/2-R-SPL
White X221-1/2-W X221-1/2-W-SPL
Yellow X221-1/2-Y X221-1/2-Y-SPL
Color 4-ft. Lengths 100-ft. Spools
5/8" ID Before Shrink, 5/16" ID After Shrink
Black X221-5/8 X221-5/8-SPL
Red X221-5/8-R X221-5/8-R-SPL
White X221-5/8-W X221-5/8-W-SPL
3/4" ID Before Shrink, 3/8" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3/4 X221-3/4-SPL
Blue X221-3/4-BLUE X221-3/4BLUE-SP
Clear X221-3/4-C X221-3/4-C-SPL
Green X221-3/4-GRN X221-3/4-GRN-SP
Red X221-3/4-R X221-3/4-R-SPL
White X221-3/4-W X221-3/4-W-SPL
Yellow X221-3/4-Y X221-3/4-Y-SPL
1" ID Before Shrink, 1/2" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1 X221-1-SPL
Blue X221-1-BLUE X221-1-BLUE-SPL
Clear X221-1-C X221-1-C-SPL
Green X221-1-GRN X221-1-GRN-SPL
Red X221-1-R X221-1-R-SPL
White X221-1-W X221-1-W-SPL
Yellow X221-1-Y X221-1-Y-SPL
1 1/4" ID Before Shrink, 5/8" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1-1/4 X221-1-1/4-SPL
1 1/2" ID Before Shrink, 3/4" ID After Shrink
Black X221-1-1/2 X221-1-1/2-SPL
Blue X221-1-1/2-BLUE X221-1-1/2BL-SP
Clear X221-1-1/2-C X221-1-1/2-C-SP
2" ID Before Shrink, 1" ID After Shrink
Black X221-2 X221-2-SPL
Clear X221-2-C X221-2-C-SPL
Red X221-2-RED X221-2-RED-SPL
White X221-2-W X221-2-W-SPL
3" ID Before Shrink, 1 1/2" ID After Shrink
Black X221-3 X221-3-SPL
4" ID Before Shrink, 2" ID After Shrink
Black X221-4 X221-4-SPL
Economy Heat Shrink Tubing (2 to 1)

This economical PVC shrink tubing is not as easy to install as polyolefin, but it does offer better resistance to chemicals and has a tougher outer layer. It also stands up better to direct sunlight. Offers a 2 to 1 shrink ratio and maximum temperature of 221°F. Meets MIL-I-23053/2,MIL-DTL-2 CLASS 2, UL 224 VW-1 and CSA OFT Recognized.

Before Shrink After Shrink Color Part Number Pkg. Qty.
3/64" 1/64" Black X105-3/64 100-ft. Spools
3/64" 1/64" Clear X105-3/64-C 100-ft. Spools
1/16" 1/32" Black X105-1/16 100-ft. Spools
1/16" 1/32" Clear X105-1/16-C 100-ft. Spools
3/32" 3/64" Black X105-3/32 100-ft. Spools
3/32" 3/64" Clear X105-3/32-C 100-ft. Spools
1/8" 1/16" Black X105-1/8 100-ft. Spools
1/8" 1/16" Clear X105-1/8-C 100-ft. Spools
1/8" 1/16" Yellow X105-1/8-Y 100-ft. Spools
3/16" 3/32" Black X105-3/16 100-ft. Spools
3/16" 3/32" Clear X105-3/16-C 100-ft. Spools
1/4" 1/8" Black X105-1/4 100-ft. Spools
5/16" 5/32" Black X105-5/16 100-ft. Spools
Before Shrink After Shrink Color Part Number Pkg. Qty.
3/8" 3/16" Black X105-3/8 100-ft. Spools
3/8" 3/16" Clear X105-3/8-C 100-ft. Spools
1/2" 1/4" Black X105-1/2 100-ft. Spools
1/2" 1/4" Clear X105-1/2-C 100-ft. Spools
5/8" 5/16" Black X105-5/8 50-ft. Spools
3/4" 3/8" Black X105-3/4 50-ft. Spools
3/4" 3/8" Clear X105-3/4-C 50-ft. Spools
1" 1/2" Black X105-1 4-ft. Lengths
1 1/4" 5/8" Black X105-1-1/4 4-ft. Lengths
1 1/2" 3/4" Black X105-1-1/2 4-ft. Lengths
2" 1" Black X105-2 4-ft. Lengths
4" 2" Black X105-4 1-ft. Lengths
Shrink Tubing in a Tape Form

Use shrink tubing tape for odd shaped items or in hard to reach spaces. Simply stretch the tape and wrap. After a few minutes you have a solid piece of shrink tubing.

Width Length Color Stretch Max Temperature Max Pressure
1" 10' Black 2X 266°F ------- S-TAPE
1" 10' Black 3X 500°F 600PSI XS-TAPE
Standard Heat Shrink Tubing (2 to 1) Kit


This kit contains 8 different black (2 to 1) standard shrink tubing sizes from 1/16" to 3/4", 32 feet total. Comes in a large metal box, 18"w x 12"d x 3"h. Polyolefin is the most popular style of shrink tubing. It heats evenly and doesn't bubble or split.

Kit Contains Description Qty
X221-1/16 1/16" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-3/32 3/32" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-1/8 1/8" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-3/16 3/16" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-1/4 1/4" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-3/8 3/8" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-1/2 1/2" Dia. Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet
X221-3/4 3/4" Diameter Black Shrink Tubing 4 feet