Packard Metri-Pack

About Packard Metri-Pack Terminals, Seals, and Housings

Metri-Pack terminals are different from Weather Pack terminals in that the male terminals have flat tabs, similar to quick-disconnects, rather than Weather Pack's round pins.

The Metri-Pack series can easily be determined by measuring the width of the male flat tab (see table). Example: If the male tab measures 1.5 mm, that is the 150 Series.

Sealed vs Unsealed Terminals - sealed Metri-Pack terminals can be indentified by the seal attached at the wire end of the terminal. Sealed terminals require a seal for each terminal. Select a seal that matches your wire size and series. Unsealed terminals require unsealed housings.

Use plugs when you have an extra circuit in your housing that is not in use.

A proper crimping tool is required. Terminals require two crimps (terminal to wire strands, terminal to wire insulation).

For pull-to-seat terminals, the wire is inserted through the back of the housing, out the front, wire is stripped and double crimped on to the terminal. The terminal is pulled back through until it seats in the housing, making a secure connection.

Male Tab
Width (A)
  150 1.5 mm  
  280 2.8 mm  
  480 4.8 mm  
  630 6.3 mm  
  800 8.0 mm  

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