Techniq Lights

Mini Side Marker Lamp

Features Part Number

P2 Rated Mini Red Side Marker, 3/4" Mounting Hole and Includes Grommet, 12 VDC,

180 Light Output, 100,000 Hours, Low Profile Makes it Damage Resistant


Waterproof ID Bar

Features Part Number

Tough Waterproof ID Bar, 3 Super Bright Red LED Marker Lights Mounted in

Black Poly Body, 12 VDC, Mounts with #10 Screws, 9"Pigtail,

Dimensions: 14.6"Length x 1.35"Wide x .95"Thick


License Plate Lamp

Features Part Number

Tough Single Piece Sealed LED Lamp, Black Poly Body, 12 VDC, 50,000 Hours,

Pigtail Wire, Waterproof, Vertical Place Surface Mount, DOT