Welding Cable

This weather resistant cable is commonly used to wire truck and car batteries and for jumper cables. Excellent flexibility and able to carry a higher amperage load due to a larger number of strands. The thick EDPM jacket allows the cable to stand the test of time. Resists abrasion, cuts, flame, grease, oil, and solvents. Made in the USA. 600 volts max. Order in 10-ft. 25-ft., 50-ft., 100-ft., and 500-ft. spool sizes.

Wire Size Jacket Stranding
(AWG) OD OD Black Red
8 0.28" 0.14" SF8-B SF8-R
6 0.31" 0.18" SF6-B SF6-R
4 0.34" 0.20" SF4-B SF4-R
2 0.42" 0.29" SF2-B SF2-R
Wire Size Jacket Stranding
(AWG) OD OD Black Red
1 0.49" 0.31" SF1-B SF1-R
1/0 0.53" 0.36" SF1/0-B SF1/0-R
2/0 0.57" 0.40" SF2/0-B SF2/0-R
3/0 0.62" 0.45" SF3/0-B SF3/0-R
Wire Size Jacket Stranding
(AWG) OD OD Black Red
4/0 0.69" 0.52" SF4/0-B SF4/0-R
250 0.81" 0.60" SF250-B ------
350 0.93" 0.72" SF350-B ------
Bonded Welding Cable
Wire Size (AWG) Color
8 Black and Yellow SF-88
6 Black and Orange SF-66
4 Black and White SF-44
2 Black and White SF-22

Need to run two leads? This welding cable has two welding cables bonded together to make installation and wire management easier. Used on lifts, jumper cables, auxiliary power sources.

The thick TPE jacket resists abrasion, cuts, flame, grease, oil, and solvents. 60 volts max. Order in 5-ft., 10-ft. 25-ft., 50-ft., and 100-ft. spool sizes.

Jumper Cable Ends



Amps Color Part Number
500 Black JCE-BLACK
500 Red JCE-RED
900 Black JCE900-B
900 Red JCE900-R

The 500 amp jumper cable ends have copper jaws and accept up to 1/0 gauge welding cable. They come in red and black.

The 900 amp jumper cable ends are solid copper and accept up to 2/0 gauge welding cable. The lugs bolt to the booster clamp. The jaws grip the battery posts, studs and side terminals. They come with red or black insulated grips.