Torches and Refills
Heat Gun and Torches
Style Feature Part Number
120 VAC, 1200 Watt

Trigger Switch, Heat Deflector,

High/Low/Off, High=1,100F and Low=250F

UL Approved, CSA Certified

Butane Gas

6" Long Compact Cigar Torch with Flip Out Stand

Piezzo Button Ignition, 2500F

Burn Time 30 Minutes

Butane Gas Powerful High Output Flame, Piezo Ignition MEGA BLASTER
Butane Gas

Long Use Torch, 120 Minutes of Fuel

Adjustable Flame, Piezo Ignition, 2500F

5.5" Tall Brass Body with Rubber Grip

Butane Gas

Adjustable Flame, Piezo Ignition, 2500F

5.3" Tall Polymer Body with Stand

Butane Refills

Part # RF-CAN



Multiple Tips Included

5.3 oz.

Part # RF-CAN SM



Multiple Tips Included

1 oz.

Rosin Core Wire Solder 63/37

One Pound Spools.

.032 RC-.032
.062 RC-.062
.093 RC-.093