Convex Round & Rectangular Mirrors

All the convex round mirrors have 2mm thick glass. They have a nickel plated ball stud and have stainless steel hardware and "L" brackets

Diameter Hole Position Type
5" Center Stainless Steel LT2-7062
6" Center Black LT2-7071
6" Center Stainless Steel LT2-7072
7.5" Center Black LT2-7077-CTR-B
7.5" Center Stainless Steel LT2-7077-CTR
7.5" Offset Stainless Steel LT2-7077
8.5" Center Black LT2-7073
8.5" Center Stainless Steel LT2-7074
8.5" Offset Stainless Steel LT2-7074-OFF
8.5" Center Stainless Steel, Heated LT2-7078-CTR
Split Mirror Set
Complete Assembly: Arm, LT2-7580
6"x 6 1/2" Convex and 6"x 9" Flat Glass
West Coast, OEM & Economy Mirrors

All the west coast mirrors have heavy 3mm glass. Come in two sizes 6"x16" and 7"x16". Stainless steel west coast mirrors have stainless steel bodies and end caps. Rods and hardware are plated for corrosion resistance.

Size Type Feature
6"x16" Stainless Steel Standard WC6160SS
6"x16" Stainless Steel Heated WC6165SS
6"x16" Stainless Steel Heated and Light WC6169SS
7"x16" Stainless Steel Standard LT2-7815
7"x16" Stainless Steel Heated LT2-7817
7"x16" Stainless Steel Heated and Light LT2-7817A
7"x16" Stainless Steel OEM / Standard LT2-7084
7"x16" Stainless Steel OEM / Heated LT2-7085
7"x16" Stainless Steel OEM / Heated and Light LT2-7085A
6"x16" Aluminum Economy / Standard LT2-7010
6"x16" Stainless Steel Economy / Standard WC6160EC
7"x16" Stainless Steel Economy / Standard WC7160EC
Mirror Arm Assembly
------- Stainless Steel ------- LT2-7117
------- Black ------- LT2-7113
------- White ------- LT2-7115