Fuse Panels

Surface-Mount Fuse Panels

Commonly used to add new electronics in mobile applications, these surface-mount fuse panels are cost effective and make the installation process easy.
The standard, standard with cover, and the LED with cover have a common feed that provides power to all of the circuits with just one wire in. Maximum 60 amps per panel and maximum 30 amps per circuit.

The compact with cover fuse panels offer a smaller footprint. Maximum 15 amps per circuit. The maximum amps per panel are: 30 amps for 4 position, 45 amps for 6 position, 60 amps for 8 position, and 90 amps for 10 position. The compact fuse panels have a IPX4 splash-proof rating. Fuses/circuit breakers sold separately.


Standard with Cover

LED with Cover

Compact with Cover






Mini/APS Low-Profile

Positions Standard LED w/Cover Compact w/Cover Standard w/Cover LED w/Cover Compact w/Cover Compact w/Cover Standard w/Cover
4 15600-04-20 FB-ATO-4-LED FBC-ATO-4 FB-ATM-4 FB-ATM-4-LED FBC-ATM-4 FBC-MICRO-4 -------
8 FB-ATO-8 -------- FBC-ATO-8 ------- ------- FBC-ATM-8 FBC-MICRO-8 -------
14 FB-ATO-14 ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

High Amperage 2 Position Low-Profile FMX Fuse Panel

High amperage, two position fuse block. Made for high vibration rough duty applications. Waterproof. One common feed to two circuits. Measures 3.75" x 1.5" x 1.625". Uses FMX 20 to 60 amp fuses. Fuses sold separately.

Description FMX Fuse Positions Pigtails
Power Fuse Panel Two positions for separate circuits CBPFM
Power Relay Panel Two positions, one protects relay and the other is a single circuit in-line fuse CBPRM

20 Position Mini/ATM Fuse Panel

For large scale electrical installations in mobile applications, these surface mount fuse panels give you space for 20 circuits. IP66 rated housing and cover provide a weather-tight enclosure for harsh environments. Measures 3.4" x 4" x 2.4", including the cover. Fuses/circuit breakers sold separately.

Preassembled pigtails for OEM mini/ATM fuse panels can be purchased in any color or wire size in 6" lengths and simply inserted into the back of the panel on the RTMF-DC. Any circuit not being used should be plugged with Part #12010300 cavity plug to ensure weather proofing.

Description Pigtails
20 Position fuse block with no cover RTMF
20 Position fuse block with shallow cover RTMF-SC
20 Position fuse block with deep cover RTMF-DC

Preassembled Pigtails for OEM Mini-ATM Fuse Panels (RTMF-DC)

Wire Size (AWG) Amperage Wire Color Length Pigtails Terminal Only Tools
20 10 Any 6" 280TS-21PIG 12110846 12155975
16 15 Any 6" 280TS-17PIG 12110847 12155975
14 20 Any 6" 280TS-15PIG 12129409 12155975
12 25 Any 6" 280TS-13PIG 12110845 12155975
10 30 Any 6" 280TS-11PIG 12110853 12155975